Welcome to Oxford, where reading is a pleasure which can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime. 

I had a great weekend which did not involve any reading but included a huge amount of walking, a fair amount of running and a great load of fun! My weekend photos are not even on the computer yet, I decided that would be the treat I would give myself once I had looked at my spectacular backlog of photos and even more spectacular backlog of housework. This evening I looked at a few photos, tomorrow I will consider the housework. LMJ is on the ball, beware messy room for your time is up!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


  1. I love this mood Joey. A good way to enjoy during weekend and morning sun :)

  2. @Fenny: Thank you Fenny :) I agree, making the most of what you have!

    @Dobbin: :) Ta.



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