::inspiring Mondays::


Mondays are no day to do cleaning and sorting, LMJ! And so I have done none of that, for I'm not one to disobey popular wisdom! Instead, I have been sorting photos. Yay! I've done the most recent ones bar Brick Lane and the family holiday portraits. Not bad, LMJ, not bad. Little pat on the back for LMJ. 

I love London. I like it's moody sky and diversity of peoples. I like the imposing and grandiose buildings and its little streets filled with colour. Odd that this may sound, I feel welcome in London. London was my first experience in the UK and I have always wanted to come back, it has always been such a friendly place to me. In spite of what people say. Yes, London is beautiful and big and small and busy and quiet and I love it.

The photos are a little bit of what Brick Lane represents to me. I have read the book by Monica Ali. When the sun rises, it rises for everyone. Brick Lane is having the power to look up and smile, when you may think you don't have many reasons to do so, especially when you think you don't have many reasons to do so. Brick Lane was one of those books that made me think and feel; the real Brick Lane did the same.

:: wandering around Brick Lane 
:: Vivian Maier's exhibition
:: E. is coming to visit in 2 days! 
:: learning to live with my photographic style :P
:: best running mates ever. are mine. Nicky and J.
:: sitting on the grass.
:: did I say E. is almost here to visit? yay! 
:: a very special request of which you will know more about on the 15th July.
:: ice cream ♥  

What has inspired you this Monday? If your answer is nothing, have a little bit of ice cream and try again :)


  1. A sun flare in the middle photo, now that has inspired me! Shame the forecast is for cloud all week.

  2. searching for my first camera inspired me today. making plans ;) thrilled with the thought that I might actually buy it before droplets :) love your photographic style so much! also fell in love with London at first sight ;)

  3. @LMJ: Oxford and the 'real' LMJ will inspire me, that's for sure :-) Only one day to go, E. is so excited she's coming to visit!
    Love your London photos because of the tones and because of the reflection of the sunlight, just in the middle :-)
    Thanks for the book tip: will definitely read it too. Streets filled with colour, that's something for us :-) Want to know all about the photography exhibition in London.
    See you soooooooon! xxx
    @Dobbin: sssssshhht, the sun will be shining all the time, and I'm not gonna need my umbrella (although I will bring it with me :-))
    @Ana: can't wait until you have your camera. I love your photographic eye and your colourful photos. xxx

  4. PS: this special request makes me curious -again ;-)-

  5. Aww... thanks everyone for sharing what inspires you!

    @Dobbin: some of your photos from London were remarkable. we would like to see them on the blog, please. ta!

    @Ana: I've seen your camera, you lucky lucky lady. Really cannot wait to see what you come up with, I'm sure it will be brilliant! thank you for your lovely comment on my photographic style... blush!

    @cococita: one day for you to arrive, two for us to meet. oh joy!!! Yes, you must read it :) x



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