growing up on a Tuesday

looking up

Some days you grow up a bit more than others. Not physically, as LMJ can tell you. I look at this little snippet of sky and think of parties and its leftovers, of blue summer skies and ingenious ideas. I think of how fragmented life is even when we don't see it. I think about how it's always worth to look up for good surprises can be anywhere. So I'll just keep looking up. LMJ suggests you do the same :)


  1. beautifully said. I love to look up. the sky is not the limit ;) dreams are! xoxoxo

  2. hello Little Miss Joey, I'm very happy to meet you. but for our holiday weekend I would have been by much sooner. I'm delighted to visit your blog, I think your photos are fantastic. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such supportive, encouraging comment. I truly do appreciate it. I'll be visiting you again. I love your photos and your blog LMJ!

  3. So true LMJ, and I will sure do as you suggest :)

    Have a great great week!!


  4. @Ana: :) indeed dreams are the limit... or the goal :) xoxo

    @slightlyme; Thank you Kate x

    @Ms Becky: :) thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment! So good to hear you like the photos :D



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