weekend beigel

Beigel shop in Brick Lane

I have this thing about bread... there's nothing better than fresh warm bread in the morning with a little bit of butter and a nice strong coffee. There just isn't! And don't get me started on the smell of bread... LMJ just loves the whole thing, yes she does. 

When wandering around Brick Lane, we all sensed this smell... a bakery... where?, but oh where was it? Our little noses took us to here... the Beigel Shop, where they have not only the best beigels (let's keep the spelling consistent here!) this little belly has ever tasted, but it also smells like a proper bakery. Yes, the real thing! And there are people covered in flour baking away and all, but they are out of focus because they moved just to annoy LMJ. She'll have a word next time she visits. Not impressed about that. But all can be forgiven with one of those beigels... hihihi... yes!

So if you are in the neighbourhood or if you can get to the neighbourhood, I would strongly recommend a visit to Brick Lane and this Beigel Shop. You'll find it, it's the one that has the real smell of yumminess. And save some room for curry later while you're there. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. :D that's what I wanted!
    Thank you :)

  2. deixaste-me com água na boca! :P (ñ dá para escrever em inglês) bjs

  3. Hahaha... é de se ficar, uma delícia :)

  4. @Ana: hihi :-)
    @LMJ: this photo is wonderful. I can smell the bread by looking at it. Just delicious! (PS: already read two chapters of Brick Lane and I like it :-))

  5. Thanks cococita!

    Oh, so glad you're enjoying it! It's on my second favourites shelf at home ;)



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