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Red hat

I had an amazing weekend in Bristol. I was myself and a bit of a new me who can wear red lipstick and have fun with it. I laughed and chatted and knitted and barely did any photography but that was ok too. I had a lovely lunch at Harvey Nichols and curry and pizza and mojitos and white wine, not all in one go. I watched the Grand Prix and could not believe how exciting it finally got! It was about time F1 people! Indeed I had an amazing weekend and coming back to the real world this Monday was not a problem because of that. And because Ascot is this weekend and I have lovely visitors.

I want to sew a red and white quilt. I already have most of the fabric and one day I will do it. And love it. This reminds me I am still crocheting a blanket and have been for the last 4 years...hum... yes... There is no hurry, it's the beauty of it! On the topic of handmade, I have finished this red hat... see above!

:: girly weekend in Bristol. thanks Julie and Leanne 
:: mojitos  
:: cats. even if other people's cats.
:: water. blimey it is good!
:: cardigan knitting. pure lush.
:: on time trains.
:: no rain today. well, just a bit, early.
:: Ascot!
:: M is visiting. yay!
:: cousin is visiting. yay!
:: red lipstick. it actually looks good. it does!

Hope you're having an amazing beginning of the weekend. The weekend is almost here :)


  1. The hat is fabulous! Love the colours of the yarn.
    M is looking forward to this WE too ...
    And I, I am counting the days until the 6th of July :)
    Have a nice week Joey!
    Btw: your attempt to dominate the world is obviously succeeding --> Twitter, Facebook ... LMJ rules the virtual world :)

  2. Quilting could be a good option: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2002862/Why-quilting-uniquely-good-us.html

    Although it is the Daily Mail so probably BS.

  3. @cococita: Thanks Elke :) I'm counting the days too :D almost here!
    hahahaha... I almost got it :P

    @Dobbin: I knew it! I really did! :P



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