the Oxford route

A while ago I mentioned I had a very special request you'd know more about yesterday. What is it?, tell us LMJ, I can almost here you ask!

I did a guest post, yes, moi même, for the blog lifestyle F for Fabulous. Yes, I did. I was really surprised when Fenny asked me to write a guest post for her; I immediately said yes! When I sat down thinking about the post, it occurred to me the most obvious thing to do was take the readers on the same itinerary I take friends who visit me. Once that was decided, I had to look at the photos I had and work out the ones I needed. This alone took me on my very own journey through Oxford... and I had the chance to fall in love with it once more. Over and over again.

first film in Oxford

Thank you Fenny, for the opportunity! Hope you like the post!


  1. I loved the post. almost felt like travelling with you :)

  2. Thank you very much Ana :)
    Thank you for commenting too!

  3. I posted a comment on Fenny's blog, but I think you have to be patient until she is back from LA :p to be able to read it :-) xxx

  4. I love the post Joey. It was lovely and I feel the same things like other reader, I feel that you guide us to walk through Oxford in the sunny nice weather. Wonderful post! xoxo.



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