::inspiring Mondays:: ...

moi with umbrella in August

... on a Wednesday. Monday was a bank holiday and we had a privilege day in work on Tuesday, meaning for accuracy inspiring Mondays should come out on the Wednesday, ie today.

Sometimes it rains in August in the UK. Sometimes it is even chilly and one needs to wear a more substantial coat. I guess at this point I could moan about the weather and the summer or lack of, but you know what? I kinda got used to it. I like the way it is unpredictable and at times deliciously surprising, I like the fact I can moan about it if I so choose and it will make sense, and I like the fact that it always gives you a topic of conversation.

The fact that I actually came to like the British weather is the fact for today. Let's face it, if that's not news, what is? Of course we can now analyse the meanings and implications of said fact, but we won't... for now!

:: the ability to fly.
:: Notting Hill Carnival. Yes, I have been and it was most enjoyable as well as an eye opener.
:: colour.
:: Dad's call: just to hear your voice...
:: Little brother: what are you up to? LMJ: nothing. Little brother: now you're talking to me.
:: my friends. I can't mention them enough!
:: squash. such good fun!
:: cococita and Nicky asking about inspiring Mondays... it warms my heart!

Are you having a good week? Like me, did your Monday only really came on a Wednesday? 


  1. This Wednesday sure feels like a Monday! :) At least there's only two more days till the wonderful weekend!!

  2. Wednesday is the new Monday ;)

  3. I can hardly believe it! LMJ is learning at last to appreciate English weather. No you need to update your "About Little Miss Joey"

    No really! Its almost impossible, given your response the last time I popped my head round the door on a rainy day and said that the weather was lovely!

    Admittedly I partly said that for the reaction that I knew I would get . . . but the summer rain is what keeps England green and beautiful, and when we have dry sunny summers England is more like a desert by the end of August.

  4. YAY! a Monday treat :) I didn't ask about it but I came here searching for it. love to read Little Miss Joey speaking :) RAW it is. I'll have to study the Essentials lessons a little more. I've been learning new things everyday since started Raining Umbrellas and I kind of need to pause, but I can't! because I'm so excited about all the Life I'm living with these new experiences that I've sign up for many things to come until October. crazy me!! this month I've not been sleeping well, so I need to take naps in the afternoon, so my days are shorter and limited to the house. oh dear! what a boring comment!! I'm just trying to say I'm overwhelmed, I should stop but I don't want to. lol :) I guess this answer if I'm having a good month (not a week). but now I'm happier because you inspired me a little more. we're having a rainny week here too :)

  5. Estive por Londres a semana passada e, quando cheguei aí, fiquei surpreendida com a chuva mas, ao fim de uns dias, quando não chovia, eu já dizia: "Hoje está bom tempo" (e sorria a pensar que o "bom tempo" inglês era o tempo de Outono português).
    Porém, quando cheguei a Portugal... chovia muito, muito mais!
    A minha segunda-feira só vai chegar na próxima segunda-feira ;-)


  6. @Christian: :D Glad to know I wasn't alone on my Wednesday-feels-like-Monday vibe! Hope you've had a lovely weekend :)

    @Dobbin: not anymore, normal service resumed this week :P

    @Plasma Engineer: hahahaha... your surprise amuses me no end, I should hav admitted this sooner :P

    @Ana: What a cute comment :) Glad to know you feel inspired and filled with plans!

    @Marisa: Uma pessoa de facto habitua-se e a coisa leva-se com algum humor :) Espero que as férias tenham sido boas :)

  7. cococita couldn't believe what she read here: LMJ loving (or at least appreciating) British weather. Sounds like a miracle :) But ... cococita is practising the art of accepting things which you can't change too and it feels good :) x

  8. Is that you in the picture? You look so stylish and also seem having fun on the Wednesday :). Miss you Joey.

  9. @cococita: LOL! yep, if you can't beat them, join them kind of approach :) x

    @Fenny: yep, it is moi :) Thanks, very sweet of you! Miss you too! x



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