::inspiring Mondays::

flowers on the balcony

This week LMJ does not have the privilige of a four day weekend, so inspiring Mondays actually come out on a Monday. Hoorah for normal service!

I love the sea. I love going to the beach any day any time of day. The sound and smell of the ocean make me happy and appease me. I could go on, I lived by the sea 26 years of my life, 7 of which only 10 minutes away. Landing at Porto airport when I go home, I smell home, that familiar scent of the sea so close by! I miss night fires at the beach and blushed faces, midnight swims, and the taste of salted skin.

:: morning light.
:: my iPod. 
:: Flickr. what a pleasure.
:: blog reading.
:: Nicky.
:: the smell of fresh coffee.
:: porridge.
:: my home.
:: smiling.

I went for a minimalistic style this Monday. I'm feeling minimalistically happy, even if that is not a word. I could replace it with simple. I could. But I won't. 

How are you this Monday? Inspired? Minimalistic? Happy?


  1. YAY, there you are, right on time! :) I love this photo Joey: because it's minimalistically perfect. Yes, I do like this word, or no, in fact, I LOVE it :)
    How I am today? Happy to read your beautiful words, which make me visualize things and dream about the ocean and an Indian Summer which is hopefully coming soon :)

  2. the photo is minimalistically peaceful. love it :) my Monday is a very special one: my younger sister is in Portugal and she will only go back to London the 12th. tomorrow is her birthday and it's going to be a friends and family reunion like I don't have for a long time. I know what you mean about the sea, I've never lived away from it and I guess I would miss it too. there is nothing like the ocean fresh air on our face. I'm also happy because your Inspiring Monday is on :) xoxo

  3. LOVE that photo! Oh my goodness, so much! Lovely light and soft colors!

  4. I love this photo Joey, I wish I have balcony as sweet as there. happy Monday dear.

  5. happy to be entering a week of holiday, staying home and trying to catch up with things to do but so far, i haven't done much !

  6. As you know LMJ, I didn't have the best of Mondays, but reading this cheered me up. I would love to live by the sea, it's on my 'wish list'. You're pretty lucky to have had 26 years of it - I've had over 30 years stuck in almost the furthest place in England from the sea!!

  7. @Dobbin: everything ok with you? Take care! And don't forget: dreams can come true!

  8. @cococita: :D my fellow word lover! So happy to know this makes you dream too :) xxx

    @Ana: that is such a lovely week plan! I hope your sister had a wonderful birthday and you got to do all the things you wanted :) xoxo

    @Christian: *blush* thank you very much!

    @Fenny: Hello you :) I wish I had such a balcony too, dreaming together :)

    @lumieredumatin: oh that sounds lovely... holiday, yes please! Enjoy yours :D x

    @Dobbin: LMJ to the rescue on blue days ;)



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