Brazil vs UK

LMJ: Feet. Flip-flops. My feet in flip-flops. Not just any flip-flops, Havaianas flip-flops. In yellow. Some people are just too lucky, and LMJ is definitely one of them. These were a welcome gift so I'd feel right at home in Rio. It worked! At home, I'd be wearing warm boots and thick socks, much as the Erratic Photographer. Here, the warm temperatures ask for free feet and light clothing. And that's how I fell in love with Spring in Rio!

EP: Another day, another photo in the dark. The time difference between the UK and Brazil means that by the time LMJ and I have agreed on a theme for the day's photo, daylight hours are at a premium - and most days I am at work, restricting opportunities even further. It's late Autumn and the ground in Oxfordshire is a carpet of colourful decaying leaves. The time for flip-flops and sandals has passed and sturdy shoes are now the order of the day to navigate the cold, slippery streets.


  1. Wonderful photos! cococita wouldn't be cococita if she wouldn't love how the colours match. And how nature is the background in both of your pictures.

  2. I'm loving this project :) can't wait to see what there will be next.

    tem um óptimo fim-de-semana querida :) xxo

  3. Yes to yellow flip-flops and spring in Rio:)) I'd love to be able to wear flip-flops now!

  4. So happy with your comments and with the fact you're liking it :D



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