Brazil vs UK

LMJ: I am a lover of the ocean. My hometown is by the sea. While at university, I lived 5 minutes away from the sea. And let's not mention I have a degree in Marine Biology. Yes, I am a lover of the ocean and to be so close to it naturally makes me smile and feel all happy inside. Whilst I smiled away at my luck, poor Nicky back home was having some water problems... oh dear! No worries, Nicky, I had fun for both of us, that's how generous I am :D

EP: Day 6 saw an unwanted encounter with water, in the form of a broken plug hole in the kitchen sink at home. The clean-up operation is shown in full swing, water removed from the cupboard and a trusty bucket installed while I figured out what to do next. Hope LMJ was having more fun in Brazil...


  1. I'm having fun reading you two. two great adventures :)

  2. Thanks Ana :)
    Nick's writing really amuses me too :)



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