Brazil vs UK

LMJ: Caipirinha! It's delicious, it's strong, it's refreshing, and it's green. Being the selective little miss that I am, my caipirinhas were carefully chosen for me by a panel of experts who not only ensured I tried different cacha├žas in the caipirinha, but also that these were the best around. Thank you, panel of experts, for you've made a cultured woman out of LMJ.
Small note to Nicky: think you could use with my green bit of Rio right now... hihihi!

EP: Day 7 and inspiration is running low. LMJ sets the theme as 'green' and the most interesting thing I can find is this pot plant in the lobby at work. Big news: earlier that day a new carpet has been laid in the lobby (which is soon covered with muddy footprints!) and the pot plant has mysteriously moved during the operation. What an exciting week I'm having - who needs Rio?


  1. Oh, I am loving your dips of Brazil vs UK!!

  2. oh I want a caipirinha now!

  3. After a good start in the first few days I thought that EP, the 'Erotic Photographer' as I tease him :), was easily in the lead in this entertaining competition. By day four LMJ's comeback started, and after a draw on day five she definitely was the leader for the rest of the week. Net result (IMHO)? An honourable draw! Well done both.

  4. @esra: :D I know the feeling!

    @Plasma Engineer: hahahaha, Erotic Photographer, that's funny! I wonder why the EP hasn't mentioned this nickname... hum... :P Thanks for the voting and feedback :D Can't wait for day 10 now and see where the preferences are, if anywhere :)



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