on the weather in Britain...

gloves in hand

... or how you tell a foreigner who's been here tooooo long.

Monday and Tuesday have been incredibly cold days in Oxford town. I appreciate there are colder locations out there, but for my little Portuguese genes, -1ºC to 3ºC is really not enough! Today, however, the weather gods heard my requests and sent us a bit of warmth. Just a bit, but enough to make LMJ de-layer! This morning a whooping 7ºC made me ditch the gloves during my walk and carry them fashionably in my hand... A sign of my now partially british weather perception!


  1. YAY for your red nails :)
    Fabulous us ;)
    See you tomorrow hon!

  2. very cute post. love the photo too.

  3. Try the platform of Didcot station on a winter evening. I have heard it suggested that it is the coldest place in the universe. Brrrrrrrrr

  4. Love the reds in this! stay warm!



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