quem tem amigos...

the sea

"Quem tem amigos não morre na praia"

The sentence above is a Portuguese saying I quite like and that warms my heart every single time. Translating it to the letter, if one has friends, one does not die at the beach. It's so true!

Today, I lost my wallet. It may still turn up and LMJ has several friends engaged in a positive thinking finger crossing activity! However, it has not turned up yet.

This afternoon I was upset and slightly panicky and annoyed and hungry and with an almost battery free mobile phone and moneyless.
*insert friend moment*
Later on this afternoon I was upset and slightly panicky and annoyed BUT I had company and food and a working phone and money.

Not so bad after all, hey?!


  1. Might be worth canceling your cards anyway. Hope you find it ok.

  2. Thanks for sharing this saying: didn't know it but love it as it warms my heart too.
    Hope your wallet will be found and be yours again soon!
    Fingers crossed dear Joey!


  3. Great saying. You can cancel your cards, it's the driver's license--at least here in jersey that's a pain in the a-- to replace. Good luck finding it.

  4. Thanks everyone :)
    Annoyance levels are slowly coming down and acceptance is going up :P



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