lace socks for Joey

Finally! Started in August 2010, sock no 1 finished in September 2010, sock no 2... February 2013. Yes, it is official, I suffer from Second Sock Syndrome! This condition affects a significant number of knitters and the Joey is one of them. Now that this is recognised, I can aim to do better next time... yes, I can.

The socks :: I love them! The socks are and comfy and soft. 

Yarn :: The yarn is amazing. I love the softness and colour.

Pattern :: It's the "Evening Stockings for a Young Lady" from Knitting Vintage Socks. It is simply wonderful (like all patterns from the book, really!). And with a name like that, I just had to knit it!

Changes :: Well... quite embarrassingly, the socks don't reach my knees as they should. So I would definitely add a few more rows to the leg bit to ensure they were just perfect. If I were to ever knit this pattern again. Hum... 


  1. Big smile :)
    Again a project finished LMJ! And again something to be proud of ...
    Really like their colour and the pattern looks nice as well.
    How does it feel to wear all this handmade beauty?

    Sweet dreams for now!

  2. Thanks lovely :)
    I have to say I'm quite enjoying wearing items I have made. I feel more comfortable with it as well - that I make wearable items!
    The next step will be to sew something I can wear :)

  3. que LINDAS! só nos meus sonhos eu conseguiria fazer meias - e ainda por cima tão bonitas!!

    well done you :)



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