::inspiring Mondays::

It's March and Oxford is freezing. We were teased with a glimpse of the spring to come, only to have it removed from us and be left to deal with sub-zero temperatures and cruel winds. I needed hot coffee this morning to defrost my facial expression from within.

There is one good thing about the lingering cold - lazy days underneath the duvet. Oh yes! With a hot water bottle, tea and a good film. Oh winter, sometimes I can almost forgive your delayed departure.

:: Mum and Dad. 
:: a Little Brother who has the patience to help me choose the perfect yarn colour for my next project. to the most subtle shades. several times just to be absolutely sure.
:: working on my Project Life album. it's magic seeing the pages come together with all the photos and journaling. 
:: Friday night cocktails. It had been too long!
:: Saturday night partying. I had a great time!
:: choosing my next knitting project.
:: a new knitting shop in Oxford. with a table. and coffee.
:: enjoying this space more and more.

If you're in the UK, I hope you survived the cold. If you're elsewhere in the world, I hope your Monday was warmer than mine. For all of you, I wish you a lovely start to the week... can you believe it's almost mid March?


  1. I was outside UK, but guess what? Germany was even colder than Uk. Yesterday I had to run fast to catch my train to the airport, and my throat still hurts until today!! It's freezing cold!
    I would love to see your Project Life album :)

  2. eu sobrevivi, mas estou tão, mas tão farta do frio… primavera, precisamos (tanto!) de ti!!

  3. Meninas, precisamos mesmo mesmo de algum sol e calor. Estou pálida, cor de lula :S

    MissLilly: I'm thinking about sharing bits of my Project Life but haven't worked out what I do not to show everyone's faces here :P



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