Basildon Park

One of the things I love the most in the UK are the grand mansions and their spectacular gardens, open to the public thanks to the National Trust. I have visited a few in my almost seven years in the UK, the most recent being Basildon Park.

Dog not included.

This reading corner really makes me want to move in... I wonder what they would think of that!

Easter lives on at Basildon Park!

I'm free tonight, yes!

Soo cute!

We had cream tea... oh those scones and cream... divine!


  1. Some nice captures of your visit there Joey. It's nice to dream of living in a place like that. Of course you'd need an army of servants so you can concentrate on being glamorous without worrying about all those tedious things like cleaning, tidying, cooking etc etc...

  2. Great pintures! Looks great :-) Thanks to show it with us!
    Un lugar perfecto para perderse un buen rato.



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