::inspiring Mondays::

I have a cold. I have had a cold all weekend, a mean one that beat me up with a bat when I wasn't looking and made me stay in bed all weekend. The nicest weekend yet. Oh what joy! Not. I ran with Nicky early on Saturday and... that was pretty much it. I spent the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself as I watched the sunshine through the window and read about how everyone on my facebook seemed to be having a blast of a time at BBQs. In. The. Sunshine! On Saturday night, I had had enough of myself. Nevermind the cold, I was annoying. 

Perspective, yet again. How I like you! I like how you make things so much better and much more enjoyable. For example, how you made watching films in bed, all day long, such a cool thing; forget the reason, just enjoy what it is you are doing. Or how you made me cherish the amazing light that comes through my window; what a great place to be ill in, my bedroom. 

:: Little Brother's enthusiasm and belief in our project 
:: early morning runs with Nicky 
:: internet. you are liked. 
:: freshly baked lemon cake delivered to my desk this morning. warm heart 
:: cycling to the station this morning. I actually miss it. 
:: watching films. all day long. and feeling justified in doing so. 
:: presents in the post. thank you cococita + wide-eyed-tree

I hope you all have a good beginning to the week, healthy and sunny. I'm looking forward to catching up on my blog reading now I'm back online.


  1. being sick when the weather is gorgeous is extra frustrating huh?! feel better soon!

  2. I went for walking both days in Richmond, which I love, just for the sake of getting out of the house and enjoy the sun. Yesterday was a bit cloudy, so watched a movie too: Senna. It was good and relaxing.
    Wish you a quick recovery my dear :)



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