::inspiring Mondays::

Morning light in Lisbon is magical. And it makes any Monday special. As does a holiday and family time. Ah inspiring Mondays, sometimes you're so easy!

I've been busy doing happiness photosynthesis these days. Sunflowers, I get you! Rosy cheeks and sunglasses, you rock! Now, how to bag some of this for my friends back in Oxford? Hum...!

:: family time!
:: cat squeezing! The good kind.
:: sunlight.
:: good chats with Little Brother.
:: bright blue skies!
:: simple breakfasts.
:: good people. The world is filled with them.
:: an unexpected compliment about the blog = smiley Joey

Hope you had a light-filled Monday :)

1 comment:

  1. Não há como a luz de Lisboa!! Mágica, especial e única...



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