one little word :: three months balance

Watching life go by

When I chose change as my one little word for 2013 little did I know of what was to happen.

The past three months have been riddled with change, most of which I did not choose nor want, and a learning path of acceptance and dealing with it.

There's a lot to be said for dealing with it. And just having to deal with it. I think that's the style I do best - just doing it. I can do it and I can deal with it by just doing it. And then I throw smiles into the mix for good measure!

Having the one little word, and it being change of all words, has helped me stay focused and has reminded me that I can still choose change within the change that just happens. I can change how I deal with it, for starters. And that is a big thing!

One little word, you rock!


  1. Thinking of you sweet lady and admiring your attitude (and this stunning photo, radiating calm- and peacefulness)

  2. Changes, changes, changes... such a big word. Me siento muy identificada con lo que has escrito un texto muy inspirador. Esa foto es preciosa. Big kissssss



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