change :: June update

June in the UK had Spring days and a vague promise of a summer which we can finally feel. I'm loving the long days and how they make me feel like I have unlimited time to do whatever I want with my days. Pure joy!

I did all I set out to do in June which is such a good feeling! Either I'm getting better at this or June was indeed very good to me. The most surprising thing to me was having run 10K. For a number of reasons, I barely ran this month so I thought I'd need to let this one pass. My good friend Nicky ensured I made it; thank you!

And we've now tipped onto the second half of the year... That was quick!

1 comment:

  1. 10k run? wow, I'm so proud of you!!!
    well I didn't almost realize June was here. Only this weekend summer is starting and with so many things in my mind I couldn't realize it's already June!



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