change :: August update

Praia de Leça

I loved August. Much more than I could ever have hoped I would. Much more than I dreamt I would. So much changed in August and I barely noticed; most of these changes were little things, the same small things that really make a difference. And some were big.

I was home for a few days over my birthday. I am now 33 and a few days and all I can say is: things do change, but more on that later! Home was amazing. Michael came home with me, met everyone and enjoyed Porto. We had a wonderful time there and I truly made the most of my time at home. I spent time with my parents, as well as time just with Mum and time just with Dad. I spent time with Little Brother. I squeezed the cats and saw the family. I ate; oh my, did I eat! I was a tourist in my hometown to show Michael how great the place is. He agrees! Job done!

In making the most of my time at home, I also enjoyed life, really, the full of it. And it stayed with me throughout the month; for my second birthday party, with my friends and family in the UK; for my unplanned blog break; for my chilled bank holiday weekend; on my cycling commute; on my knitting; on my morning runs.

August, you were pure love!


  1. You sound like one super happy lady and that's a fact that makes me feel happy as well. Thank you LMJ: may September may be as precious and good as this month has been to you.

  2. ohh that's so important! I'm glad to know it has been a good month to you, and you feel happy :)
    September will continue like that, I'm sure, as we never forget what our priorities are :)



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