2014 in dreams and goals

I have goals for 2014. I do. And I have dreams and plans and hopes which will carry on past 2014 and into the rest of life. Some will come true, others maybe not, others yet I may forget along the way. Such is life. It all changes, always, slowly and yet so fast you can barely grab a moment.

In addition to my monthly goal setting, which I will be keeping in 2014, I also want to set goals for the year, embracing my dreams and one little word - choose

:: Guiva. Make our dream business a reality.
:: Run a half-marathon this Spring and run the Lisbon Half-Marathon in the Autumn.

:: Embrace my role as a godmother and finally learn how to hold a newborn. 
:: Keep in touch with dear friends.
:: Reconnect with my camera and let my lens capture what my eyes see.
:: Be happy.

As you can see, my plans for the year are a blend of dreams, goals and aspirations which are making my heart tick and my eyes smile. 

1 comment:

  1. Espero que 2014 seja um bom ano para ti! E boa sorte com o teu sonho do Guiva :)))



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