::inspiring Mondays::

Lisboa 2010 - Verdades

I seem to be starting these inspiring Mondays with a fact. A fact of debatable interest, but a fact nonetheless. So here goes... I am one grateful big sister, for I have the best little brother in the world, very possibly the Universe!

♥ Little brother visiting; it was absolutely amazing
♥ Spending more time with Lili, so refreshing
♥ Delightful dinner with good friends and little brother and Lili
♥ Pausing for 3 seconds on Saturday while everyone walks from the restaurant to the pub and realising how so very lucky I am!
♥ Photographing yet a bit more, I'm getting there
♥ Picking up the fair isle hat I'm knitting and actually knit a few rows, it had been well over a week
♥ Hugs and cuddles and laughter

Yes, it's Monday and little brother has gone back to Portugal and it's raining almost non-stop since I left the house this morning, but... Oh my, have I had an excellent weekend indeed and that is so very inspiring.

Photo: "It's so difficult to hold back a river when the river runs inside us."... and so it is :)


  1. This is a good column, keep it going!

  2. very nice blog from a very charming girl ... you love life and that life loving feeling is inside all your pictures and written pieces ... thanks for sharing it with us! we are happy to read it xxx

  3. Thanks Dobbin :) Will do!

    Elkecita, thank you so much for the encouragement and sweet compliments :) It is so motivating :) xxx



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