change :: October update

Little brother has turned 30; I have been the luckiest sister for 30 years and really think Mum and Dad gave me the best present ever – my brother!

I have settled into our new home and feel I’ve always lived here. There are still things to do and bits and pieces to add, but it’s a home, our home, and it feels just like it.

I’ve sewn three cushions for the house and have plans for a few more things, little touches of comfy colour.

I’ve knitted four gifts, two of which are with the new owners and the other two are wrapped to be gifted.

October was a good month filled with the beautiful colours of autumn and the amazing Portuguese sunshine.


  1. ohhh you have to share the pictures of your work. I bet they're lovely. Yap 30, it's coming soon into my door too :D

    1. That seems fair :)
      Working on a post about it!
      Well, I've been there, done that and... it's pretty amazing!

  2. Concordo com a comentadora acima, tens que mostrar fotografias dos teus trabalhos :)



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