change in 2013

Having a word for the year, and that word being change, was really important for me, more so than I could have imagined when I embarked on this one little word journey. 2013 was definitely a year of change for me, some which I had been dreaming about, others which were incredibly undesirable. All of those changes required adjustments.

Change as my word gave me a much needed focus for the year. Not just to get things done but also to cope with all the change I had to just accept. Just accepting can be difficult. Just accepting was in fact the hardest lesson of this year and one of the hardest of my life. I can't say I've learned the lesson fully, but I learned to cope with the situation the best way I could.

Change as my word also gave me an appreciation for good change. Sometimes, even good change can be a little bit scary; Michael moving to Oxford was one such change. We crossed a bridge [LINK] and I'm so thankful we did.

Finally, change made the year a lot more fun! I can't wait to reveal my word for 2014 and let the year unfold once more, sometimes randomly other times with intent.


  1. Nice post, wish you an incredible 2014!! :)

  2. and indeed you've made it through. I would say it was a year full of accomplishment :) I'm sure 2014 will follow up from that

  3. Such a beautiful photo of yours! Those eyes ...
    2014 will be a great one: that's for sure!



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